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cheers to more life and new memories

It's been two months. Two months since I've been wanting to write this article. Why? Because even though 2018 has been a very good year and I enjoyed the majority of it, I knew that the last 2 months of the year would get very draining and my mood would drop because that's what happens every year, suddenly I feel lost and a little all over the place. But we're here, it's the 31st December and I am ready to have a last look over 2018.

This year has been an intense year for me but I couldn't be happier with every decision I took, new people I met and the mental mindset that I am in right now.

Very slowly everything started to change and a whole year later nothing's really the same anymore.

Surprisingly I've travelled 'a lot' this year. I've been to a near wellness hotel at the beginning of February. Visited 4 different destination in April: Amsterdam, Cologne, Basel and Rheinland Pfalz. Followed by a week of summer fun and happiness in South France in June and a few trips to Bruxelles, Saarburg and Cologne in between. To make the best out of the last 3 weeks of summer I've also been to Dishoek, Eindhoven and last but not least I've done a road trip through Tuscany.

According to my personal life, I guess this year has be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but that's okay, I am doing good and there's no need to rush the process of figuring everything out.
I've past this school year without any extra work, worked on my personal projects and made some amazing new memories with the best people I could imagine. Some friendships are new, others reached their expired date and some got even better but I couldn't be happier with the people who surround me.

I am so proud of how far I've come this year, both mentally and physically, so let's welcome 2019.
I am ready. Happy New Year to you!

Thank so much to everyone for supporting me, my ideas and visions.


12 months - 12 feelings

January. And I still believe that we would be happier if we wouldn't put so much pressure on ourselves ... sometimes it's okay to give in, to let go and to embrace that we are all human after all.

February. Lately, I've been realising stuff..

March. Tomorrow morning when we wake up the world will once again be changed.

April. Are we really being social when we spend our time on all those 'social' networks?

May. Nostalgia is a liar. You weren't as nice as I remember.

June. Longing for rain.

July. Another form of now or never.

August. And it's late at night when the world around me seems deep asleep and I sit here with this pen in my hand when it hits me and I need to get my thoughts on paper.

September. How much work fits into a person until it's considered as unhealthy?

October. There's this fuzzy feeling inside of me, the one I wanna hold on to and feel all year around. I guess this is what I am always on the look out for, my own little magic in this big world.

November. You matter.

December. I am ready to move on - time to welcome 2019



5 favourite songs:

Say Amen (Saturday night) - Panic! At The Disco

Normal - Sasha Sloan

Crossfire - Stephen

Start - Maz

Nevermind - Leoniden

I wanna Know - Bea Miller, NOTD


3 favourite articles:

"I've had this sentence stuck in my head for a few months now, it was always there, at least in the back of my head and I guess this month challenged me in many different ways but I learned to escape the enemy...  But I just happened to feel trapped in this world that I call my life.. "


about friendships.

"... But it's funny when I think about it, because maybe this all just happened because I didn't think about making new friendships anymore. I think I kind of lost myself along the way of trying to make new friends but I am doing good, I am finding myself... "


Shoutout to really living.

"... Isn't it about the dreams we're dreaming and trying to pursue? Isn't it about the person we are now and the person we are going to be? Isn't it about the present moment and the little things in life? Isn't it about being who we really are?

I admit, this life is a beautiful mess, but if we don't strop and look around once in a while nothing's ever going to change. This is my shoutout to really living... "


2018 in 12 Questions & Answers:

1. favourite series this year?

2. the hardest thing you went through this year?

Letting go.

3. most played song of 2018?

According to Spotify: XO - EDEN

4.  2018 in one word?


5. the worst moment?

Missing the old me.

6. the best moment?

Finally feeling free again.

7. favourite vacation this year?

Road tripping through Italy at the end of September.  >here<

8. favourite quote?

"we were kissed by poems,

taken away by the seas of prose."

9. biggest passion?

10. met new people?


11. favourite purchase of the year?
My bed.

12. favourite memory?
Shooting days with Claudia.



And here's to a new year - meet me in Twenty-Nineteen. >video here<


See you soon,

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