Welcome to STARS+MAGIC!

My name is Shana, I am a 19 years old art student and content creator based in Luxembourg, a very small country next to Germany, Belgium and France.

My biggest passion besides taking way to many pictures (sunset & people photography are my favs by the way) is fashion, I love how fashion gives me the power to express myself without using words.
Next up on my list is probably music. I am a huge music enthusiast, well let's say I love music but anxiety normally keeps me away from music festivals and concerts. Nevertheless long warm summer nights, deep chats and reading poetry in bed while it's raining outside also belong on this list.
So that's what my blog's all about, photography, deep thoughts, self love, music, fashion and creative living.

With all these things in my mind and a huge cup of tea by my side I started this blog nearly 2 years ago in February 2016. It was a long and difficult road but let me tell you it was all worth it. 

Make yourself something to drink, sit down in a cosy spot, read my thoughts and simply relax.
I would love if you come along, follow my journey of growing up, finding and creating myself.

If you want to know more about me or work with me have a look at my social media channels ( all linked in the side bar ) or write me an email alittlemagic@gmail.com. Don't hesitate I usually don't bite. I speak german, french, english and luxembourgish, so feel free and write me in which language you want.

Have a wonderful day,

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