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Shana Mauricio is a photographer, artist and blogger based in Luxembourg. Her work consist of mainly fashion, portrait, travel and architecture based shoots. However she also has a passion for artistic photoshoots. Her art includes videography, graphic design and aesthetically pleasing images. And so much more.

Shana is currently studying Art at high school and would like to study a degree in the Creative Arts later on. She previously attended an photography course at Lycée des Art et Métier and had one shared exhibition at Lycée de Garçon de Luxembourg. 

Back in 2016, she launched her first fashion and diary blog which until today is her creative outlet. However photography has always been her biggest passion and according to the fact that a great number of people asked her for photoshoots, she decided to give it a go.

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P R O J E C T S :

    01 _____ ACCEPT THE MYSTERY (2017)

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