Best of August 2016 II Beauty & Lifestyle

I don't know maybe it's only me, but I fell like time goes by way to fast. According to that August is already comming to an end. And as you can see in the picture above, my August favourites don't really look very summery. Once again he weather was very bad this month, well I've for sure never been wearing more hoodies and drinking more tea in August than this year. I was basicly ready for fall until summer came back this week. And I'm also going away for 2 weeks, so I'm pretty excited for September. Except the fact that I'm going back to school this month. Time for a new beginning.


Enjoy the little things II Fashion & Thoughts

It's Sunday again and so the weekend is nearly over, but I think I can speak for everyone when i say 'Weekend I love you'. Basicly we all do, don't you think? The weekend is simply amazing. So today I want to share this outfit and some thoughts with you. I hope you like this post!


write your own story II Lifestyle

things to do this summer

August is actually the only month of the year that I (and all the other students in Luxemburg) don't have school. So that makes August a very exciting month for us all, I mean it's the time where we all try to make the best summer memories. We travel to different countries, work to gain some money and simply enjoy summertime.
I was really excited for my summer holidays to finally start, I even wrote down a list with things I thought were nice to make this summer, which I'm going to share with you today. But unfortunately summer did not show up in Luxemburg so far. I mean we have had some good days, but for exemple right now I'm sitting inside with my hoodie on, a cup of tea by my side and it's raining outside. So I don't know maybe the weather is better were your live, I hope so, and you can make any use out of this list.


Raspberry Jam II Food


Do you know these days when you're having breakfast with your family/friends and selfmade jam is the only thing that is missing on your breakfast table. Well I have the perfect recipe and a little throwback for you today. This recipe usually takes me inbetween 20 and 30 minutes and tastes delicious. Enjoy.