Shoutout to really living

'Let's not try to figure out everything at once.'

I do this thing when I suddenly start watching teenager films and/or movies from my childhood around this time year, when my school year slowly comes to an end and I can't stop but wonder how my life will be in a few months. This just happens, I get this urge to watch these films and contemplation follows afterwards. These movies always make me wanna go back in time. I think reminiscing is the right word to describe this feeling the best. 

Truth is I get emotional and nostalgic very easily. I miss the old me, even though I wouldn't wanna go back in time. And while there's nothing wrong with reminiscing, it doesn't feel right. I mean I am eighteen and still have many things to learn, places to see and peoples to meet, nevertheless sometimes I can't stop but think about the past.

But let's face it nostalgia is a liar, life wasn't as easy and beautiful as I remember.

And after all I believe I should close that door and start collecting new moments, happy moments this time. I may not know it yet but I guess maybe just maybe even this exact moment is worth remembering and if I don't stop I won't be able to see what this life has to offer.
It's time to make new memories, time to start living.

Isn't it about the dreams we're dreaming and trying to pursue? Isn't it about the person we are now and the person we are going to be? Isn't it about the present moment and the little things in life? Isn't it about being who we really are?

I admit, this life is a beautiful mess, but if we don't strop and look around once in a while nothing's ever going to change. This is my shoutout to really living.

And if you don't mind this is where I am going to stop for today, but I promise you there will come a time when everything will make great sense again, you will find your direction and I will find mine.

Stay save my beloved friends,

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