Amsterdam Picture Diary

Amsterdam - the city I fell in love with as a little girl

Hey! It's me, Shana. And I went to Amsterdam at the beginning of April. 

First things first.

I love Amsterdam, always did and probably always will. For my 18th birthday I got offered a 4 days trip to Amsterdam, I first visited Amsterdam a few years ago, nevertheless I couldn't wait to go back ever since. 

I was planning on writing a whole travel diary including all my little tips and places to visit but, let's face it, I'm not from Amsterdam and never spent more than a couple of days there so I guess a picture diary with a few personal words will do it for now. One thing I must mention though is the weather, last time I visited the weather was beautiful, this time in return it was horrible, cold, stormy and rainy for 4 days straight.. ugh. However this did not keep me from having a good time. 

The hotel.

We stayed in the beautiful hotel Mr. Jordaan located in the heart of the Jordaan. This hotel is honestly gorgeous, the interior is goals and the personal is very kind and helpful. They also offer boat rides around the canals of Amsterdam which, without a doubt, was beautiful. Besides the hotel itself, the area around the hotel is breathtaking with all the little shops, cafes, lovely houses and canals. (not sponsored)

Fun things.

Besides the boat ride, we spend a lot of time strolling the streets discovering Amsterdam. My fave: the nine streets, this is an area of nine streets near the centre packed with beautiful little cafes, independent shops and vintage stores. Basically everything that makes my heart beat a little faster.
If you're into art I would recommend to check out the Moco Museum, their current exhibition is about Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein which is really worth a visit. There are tons of other museums through. 

Amsterdam is a city I could stay for over two weeks and still be excited and discover new things every day. Here are a few other things you could do in Amsterdam: visit the Bloemenmarket, eat pancakes, go on a bike tour, get lost, buy tulips, ..

Sidenote: If it's your first time visiting I would definitely recommend to search the internet out for things you wanna do or read a travel guide before your stay.

See you soon,

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