outfits of the week II Fashion

my everyday style

Hello everyone, it's time for a new fashion post. I had so much to do for school lately that I totally forgot to finish this post for you. As some of you perhaps know I've been on a little vacation last week, so this blogpost is all about my different outfits I have been wearing that week. I've been away with my family and some friends, so don't expect anything spectacular, I just want to show you my everyday style. I hope you like it.


Things I love II Lifestyle

A-Z post

Hello and welcome back, today from the Nederlands.
I suppose that you don't know much about me. Well this will change in the future, I decided to write an A-Z list just about things that I love. So I hope you like it.


my travel essentials II lifestyle

Hey hey, I'm very excited for todays post, because I'm going to show you my travel essentials, which means that I'm finally going away again.


Sunsets are the best II Fashion

Hello, I hope you're going well.
I'm currently sitting in the sun in my garden and it feels so good to finally sit outside and to soak up the sun. So I thought it would be a good idea to share this spring look with you. As you can tell these pictures are already some days old, because my hair is way longer than it's now. I know this probably sounds a little bit girly but it hurts in some way to see my long hair in these pictures, but I'm also very very happy with my new hair lenght.