August 21, 2017

Obsession I Music Monday

'Obsession is essential to creativity.'

August 16, 2017

Weekly Wednesday #2

09/08/17 - 16/08/17

"I never really noticed that I had to decide to play someone's game or to live my own life. And now I do." 

Lana Del Rey // Get Free

August 13, 2017

moon & stars

'Music is the strongest form of magic.'

August 09, 2017

Weekly Wednesday #1

02/08/17 - 09/08/17

'Decide. Commit. Succed.'

August 06, 2017

The Melody Of Change

"It's time to remember what it's like to feel alive."

Northlane // Quantum Flux

July 24, 2017

Music Monday II Lifestyle

"Sometimes it feels like the lyrics to a song you're listening to, were written just for you."