My Month In Pictures: May 2018

'Let's fall in love with... our city, new places, random people & Summer.'

At the end/beginning of each month I always look back on my insta stories of the month gone by, mainly to remember what I did so I can write this article. But this time it hit me right in the face, this month has been a really good one, the best one of 2018 so far. I've had many many happy moments and made amazing new memories. I guess this month is worth remembering. 
So here is my monthly roundup. Enjoy! 

Life Lately: 

Summer nights and thunderstorms. Deep talks with new and old friends. Missing people and meeting new people. Photo shooting sessions with friends. Late nights walks. Sunset rides. Sitting in the dark and watching the nights sky. Iced coffee, beautiful sun downs, nature, solitude and good music. Vacay time with the best people. Books, poetry and tea. Waking up to the sound of rain and the smell after rain. Blue skies and warm temperatures.. making the best out of everyday.

Favs Of The Month:



See you soon,


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