about friendships.

'Some friends come into your life for a a reason, others for a season and some are for a lifetime.'

Hey it's me and lately I've been thinking about friendships.

Ever since I can remember I've had friends. The majority of the friendships obviously broke until now, we have all taken different paths and that's ok. I am okay with that, I guess that's what happens. But sometimes I wonder what it must feel like to have a best childhood friend? I wonder if my life would be different.

In primary school I've always had my best friend by my side, we went out and played together and did fun sleepovers and stuff. We grew up and went to different schools, I made new friends and eventually had a great time with them.
I changed school and well I guess something happened. An old friend of mine came back into my life, we both knew nobody and tried to make it out alive together. She changed school, I stayed.
And I started asking myself how friendships work, how some people find together and others don't.

I realised that there are different kind of friendships, toxic friendships and good friendships, all different in their own way.
I only had two best friends in my whole life and once in a while I wonder if that's a bad thing. Sometimes I feel like I need someone who knows everything about me, than I remember that I may not have a best friend but that doesn't mean I am not happy.

Lately I've been meeting new people, and by new people I don't mean people I met once at a party (I don't even do parties, so this actually never happens. anyway), no, I mean people I can talk to, people I trust, people I wanna do fun things with.

For a very long time I believed that I could only be friends with people in my class, my school or even age group. But let's face it, I was wrong. Friendships are beautiful if you just go for it, decide to step out of your comfort zone and let things happen.

But it's funny when I think about it, because maybe this all just happened because I didn't think about making new friendships anymore. I think I kind of lost myself along the way of trying to make new friends but I am doing good, I am finding myself.

Losing old friends, making new friends and keeping good friends that's how life works and how it will always be. I guess making new relationships with people is very enriching yet it is save to say that not all friendships are healthy.

Making friends is hard but if you make good ones it's worth it.

See you soon,

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