Music Monday: summer feelings

'summer mood on'

The day you're reading this I am probably already in South France preferably at the pool, soaking up the sun and listening to music. It is for the warm summer days or the days we spend dreaming about the good times that I've created the two playlists I am going to share with you today.

I don't think I've ever talked about it but my 'feel-good' music is either songs from the 80's or tunes I connect happy days with. So when I was setting up these playlists I knew I had do create an 80's playlist with all my favourite songs. (or at least the ones I could remember, this is definitely a playlist in progress) I must admit this is not the kind of music I would listen to on a daily basis but there's always that once in a while when I am craving a good old feel-good-song.

A few weeks ago I asked on Insta Stories for song recommendations which leads us to the second playlist I made, a playlist which regroups all your and my favourite spring and summer songs for 2018. This playlist is a bit of a fusion of different music genres, we have current pop songs, a few alternative songs but also electronic music.

Down below I've linked both playlists and my Spotify account if you wanna check them out. Enjoy!

my spotify account - here

playlist: spring/summer edit'18 - here

playlist: feeling the 80's - here

See you soon,

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