Fashion Stories: Summer Dreamin

'In the mood for Summer'

I miss getting up after a good 7 hour sleep, eating breakfast an having time to create. I miss warm summer nights, deep chats and carefree days. I miss the smell of suncream, the chirping of birds on an early morning and rides with the windows down. 
I miss being me.

My goal for this summer? To just fall back in love with myself and the world and life again.

I wanna do each and every thing I couldn't do over the last couple of months. I wanna sleep in a car. Take pictures of the sunrise at 5am. Explore places. Meet people. Go on a road trip. Discover new bands and visit a festival. Spend hours thinking. Chase the sun. Fall in love with the ordinary. 
I wanna make new memories.

16 more school days until my summer break starts and I could be more excited. 

I am ready, I am beyond ready, let's make this summer unforgettable.

d e t a i l s :

blouse - thrifted  // pants - h&m // shoes - superega // crop top - forever 21 // belt - sacred hawk

See you soon,

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