Self-Care Sunday - 5 books; 5 products; 5 records

'life is more than one big to do list.'

My Sundays are very two-faces.
During school term is usually spend all Sunday studying and writing my weekly article. However, once I got a week off from school or don't have a exam coming up (or homework) I like to do things for myself. In today's article, I am about to share 5 books, 5 products and 5 records with you that I like to flipp trough, use and listen to while recharging my batteries for the week ahead. 

But besides giving you some inspiration for your self care routine, I wanna use this opportunity to remind you to take care of your mind and body more often. 

EN: eighteen years - madisen kuhn
If you've read any of my 'reading lists' before you may know that Madisen Kuhn is my favourite poet. So obviously when having some time to calm down, I like to dig a little better into her words.

EN: note to self - connor franta
One word: love. I bought this book little over a year ago and ever since I am in love. And if I am being honest, this book is exactly the one I would consider writing myself - a mix of poetry, photography and thought-provoking essays.

EN: it's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - paul arden
This is one of the books that you can pick up any time, read a page and feel inspired. I own two of his books and love them both, definitely worth checking out if you fancy books that make you question your life, in a good way.

DE: kann man mal machen - mirellativegal
I haven't had time to read this book so far but it's on my reading list for February/March. It's divided into different chapters giving the reader a wide range of thought-provoking impulses. I can't wait to give it a read. 

EN: almost adulating - arden rose
Last but not least, this book has made it into my top five books to read on a slow Sunday. Why? Because it's a fun read and a nice little guide to growing up and to the little things that come with it.

rituals - 3 in 1 miracle hand scrub

the body shop - pore-cleansing exfoliator

mario badescu - facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater

nuxe - rêve de miel, ultra-nourishing lip balm

essie - apricot cuticle oil

I don't tend to use many skincare products in my day to day routine, just because I think that when it comes to skincare, more is less, but if I feel like nourishing my skin from the outside I like to use these products, take a bath and maybe do a manicure. 

Music - the one thing that definitely can't be missing. As much as I love Spotify, I tend towards the old-school record player on Sundays. I've listed 5 of my favourite dream pop/indie artists/bands and their albums down below for you to check out. What is your favourite Sunday afternoon tune?

if you wait - london grammar

lust for life - lana del rey

ultralife - oh wonder

in the lonely hour - sam smith

'dirty dancing' - original soundtrack from the motion picture

See you soon,


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