healing is not linear,

progress is still progress

the story behind; The other day at the bus stop, I was 10 minutes early. While waiting a song came up on my Spotify, one I hadn't heard in about 2 years. Tears started running down my face, my energy completely vanished. Not because of the song but because of the connections I made in my head. I paused the song. All I could hear were cars rushing down and soft mumbling. My mind drifted apart. I stood there surrounded by unknown faces, faces of people I forgot in a blink of an eye. I realised that I am not that little insecure girl anymore. And it feels good, unless you think to much about it. Over time I've become a new version of myself but kept holding on to the old one. Strangely enough, that moment gave me the opportunity to bond with myself again... 


As much as I would like to believe that healing happens over night, it doesn't. Both mental and physical healing can take a lot of time.
Somedays you will feel like you can accomplish anything and everything, other days you will feel like you won't make it out of bed but the process of healing is just that, a process. I feel like the major issue with most people is that they forget that in every few steps they go forward it's normal to go one backwards. This does not mean that all your progress is lost just because you feel the way you used to, progress is still progress.

Remember that things do get better in the great scale. Stop being so hard on yourself. All the pain, sadness, frustration will fade away one day. Healing is not linear. Let go of all the expectation you have of yourself. Accept your life as it is. Accept the process of healing. 

In the end it's not about that to-do-list you accomplished, the advises you followed, the amount of money you spent on materialistic things, it's about how you honestly feel. Knowing and understanding your feelings is the most important thing.

I hope you had a wonderful day, stay strong; you are doing great :)

See you soon,

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