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Hot chocolate, falling leaves, warm sweaters, pumkins, candles,.. fall/autumn is here, which is actually my favorite season. Autumn is the only time of the year when you can cuddle down in your bed, light a candle, enjoy your own me-time and read BOOKS. On my vacation two weeks ago (post here) I've had enough time to finally read some books. An so I want to share my favorite ones with you and perhaps give you some inspiration.


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It's friday night, well actually it's nearly saturday, and I'm probably the only one who's sitting inside, with a candle and some hot chocolate. *Can you tell that I'm pretty excited for fall/autumn? Well I'AM.* Nevertheless I have a summery outfit for you, which we've shooted last week in France. I don't know when this post will be online, well it might be on sunday, so I hope you've had a lovely weekend and you're ready for monday. Speaking about monday, school starts and I literally don't know if I should be scared or excited. Anyways let's start with the real topic of this post.


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Summer 2k16 Impressions

Pictures speak more than words can..