the calm after the storm - 4 self care habits

'To anyone who needs this right now, I hope you find some peace
 in whatever that seems to weigh heavy on your mind and heart.'

Everybody has them: bad days.

We make choices every day, right ones and wrong ones, but sometimes, just sometimes the world itself seems to want to drag us down. You know what I am talking about. Days when every little things seems to go wrong, things that don't even stand in your force and you can't wait to find your way back to bed.
On some days, you just experience sadness and while I believe that there's nothing worse than not knowing where your frustration comes from, these days will help you to understand yourself and the world better.

Often you can not do anything about the situation but you can learn how to handle your feelings and emotions properly, how to make yourself hope and how to accept yourself.
Because at the end of the day, the only one who can ever love you unconditionally is yourself, you just gotta figure out how.

I could go ahead and tell you that going on a walk, a coffee date or even a fitness session will make you feel better, don't get me wrong these things could work for you, but they don't for me. There's no right and no wrong when it comes to self-care but I can not tell you what will make you feel better, I can only give you some personal advices from experiences I did and talk you through things that make me feel a little better about myself on bad days.


I keep a lot of my emotions to myself, but the first thing I usually do after a bad day is write everything down. And by everything, I mean everything. There's no need to keep the things inside of you, your mind needs to calm down and you will feel lighter. In addition, allow yourself to feel your feelings. It's okay to feel. You feelings are valid. Cry them out, write them down, talk to someone but please don't hold them in. You will be able to focus on the now again.


Turn down your phone, disconnect yourself for a little while.
In moments like these, you don't need to scroll through instagram and compare you're life to someone's on the internet. You need time for yourself to reflect. There's no need for you to strive for perfection, especially in moments of sadness and chaos, I want you to stop looking up to someone, because the truth is - you are enough.


If you still have a little energy left and feel ready, do somethings for yourself. You don't have to go full in and do a spa night. Do a face mask or take a hot bath, if you feel like it.
At this point, I usually feel a little better and I am able to make myself something to eat. If not, I tend to do things that distract me from whatever haunts me, like reading or listening to my favourite tunes. In moments like these, I like to be alone, however silence always makes my thoughts go back, so focusing on other things helps me a lot.


Sleep. I know this sounds simple, but when you're stressed and overwhelmed your mind sometimes don't want to shut up. 'What if's' pop up in your head at the worst moments and prevent you from falling asleep. I am a huge worrier and am used to short nights, I am still learning to find my own routine, but one thing I usually do is allow myself to fall asleep whenever I am tired. This sounds silly but you know sometimes sleep will make the world look a little brighter.

Last but not least, I need you to know that it gets better.
Things will be better, they will. I don't know your situation and I don't know you. But I know that you're strong and that soon you will be better. You will feel your heart and come alive again.


And if today is one of those days I hope you could find some comfort in my words.
Always remember that you matter. You are loved.

'Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on; is the superhuman achievement.'

Stay safe my beloved friends,
see you soon,

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