end of summer.

'Summer memories last forever.'


hi, welcome back

'We are dreamers of dreams.'



Taking a summer break from blogging is something I've considered before but never actually did. On one hand I always thought that stepping away from my blog would mark the beginning of the end of it, on the other hand I love blogging and always consider writing and inspiring my biggest passion. 

However I somehow took a break without realising. I was on a vacation last week and even though I took my laptop with me and wrote a new article I did not push that publishing button. I simply forgot and with time passing and me finally having some time to unwind, I never did. I am back home now but honestly I don't know how to comeback. I'll be traveling to Italy very soon and I don't know if I'll have time and I don't wanna write if I don't feel like it.

Long story short, I'll prolong the break I've been on this past week and speak to you again in about 14 days. Stay safe my beloved friends and get excited for what's about to come.  

So, I guess that is, see you soon,