My Month in Pictures: November 2017

"Let's root for each other and watch each other grow."

Hello and welcome to the second edition of my little visual round up of what my last month has looked like, my happy moments of the month gone by.

Life Lately: Coffee and contemplation, long days and short nights. Old habits, like high stress levels, anxiety and sleepless nights. Listening to Oh Wonder while watching the sunset. The happy now and the past. Gingerbread and the first snow of the season. Studying, writing tests and drowning in deadlines.. November.

Thumbs Up For: confidence in front of the camera

Thumbs Down For: grey and rainy days filled with self doubt and sadness

Favs of the Month:

Heard: roadtrip #2 playlist (here)
Don't Kill my Vibe - Sigrid

Obsessed: Pumpkin Soup (recipe here)

Loved: watching & recording the sunset

Articles of the Month:

Last Month:

Make it a December to remember.

See you soon,

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