Fashion Stories: The Christmas Spirit

"Spread the Christmas Spirit."

It's the time of the year again when everyone gets festive, the houses are decorated, the trees set up, the kitchen changes into a Christmas bakery, people get together and not to forget the Christmas music playing in the background. But somehow I am not really in the mood.

The thing is I used to love nothing more than Christmas. I was the biggest Christmas enthusiast you could imagine. But last year, after I had just changed school and I had my last exam on December 17th, a cold rainy Saturday, I caught a cold. I was sick on Christmas Day and with my motivation my love for Christmas disappeared. I mean we did not even had a Christmas tree and I had to buy the majority of my Christmas presents on the 24th of December.  

So this year I wanna change things up and experience the magic of Christmas once again. My winter break started a few days ago and since then I am constantly trying to get into the spirit, although it's not really working yet. Nevertheless the tree is set up, I made Christmas cookies and started illustrating Christmas cards. Next up on my list is probably visiting the Christmas market.

Anyways, besides sharing my thoughts I decided to share this winter/christmas outfit with you. I am assumably not gonna wear this on Christmas Day, simply because I don't like wearing tights, but I guess this could be a Christmas look inspiration for some of you.

How do you feel about Christmas? Are you in the spirit? 

d e t a i l s :

Jacket - Zara Kids // Jumper - Mango // Skirt - unknown // Shoes - Zara

See you soon,

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