More Self Love: Lust For Life

"The way you speak to yourself matters."

I think especially during this time of the year we tend to spend a lot more time inside watching Netflix or Youtube, wasting time on social media and eventually we forget to switch these things off.
I don't wanna waste time away anymore, I wanna enjoy and live in the moment.
Time has gone by way too fast these last few weeks, it's November, nearly Christmas. Autumn, my favourite season of the year, is slowly but surely making room for winter, yet I am not ready. As much as I love Christmas, I wanna try to enjoy the last few Autumn days and be more offline than online.
For once I wanna enjoy every aspect of the different seasons and I wanna be HAPPY.
With the early nights, rainy days, cold temperatures approaching, seasonal depression might be kicking in with it as well, but this year I wanna fight against it.

I am still searching to find balance and peace of mind. I am learning every day to slow things down a bit and I am constantly trying to find a place where I can clear my mind. Being connected to everything at every time can be very stressful at times. It is in moments like these, that we have to find our inner peace. We should learn to appreciate the little things in life more.
Start by doing something you love everyday.

Watching the sunset at the end of the day, listening to my favourite record, writing my thoughts down, lighting a new candle,.. are things that make me happy and that make me feel good in my own mind.

How do you feel about it? Is seasonal depression (SAD) something you experience?
What do you do to slow down?

See you soon,

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