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things to do this summer

August is actually the only month of the year that I (and all the other students in Luxemburg) don't have school. So that makes August a very exciting month for us all, I mean it's the time where we all try to make the best summer memories. We travel to different countries, work to gain some money and simply enjoy summertime.
I was really excited for my summer holidays to finally start, I even wrote down a list with things I thought were nice to make this summer, which I'm going to share with you today. But unfortunately summer did not show up in Luxemburg so far. I mean we have had some good days, but for exemple right now I'm sitting inside with my hoodie on, a cup of tea by my side and it's raining outside. So I don't know maybe the weather is better were your live, I hope so, and you can make any use out of this list.

  1. watch sunrises & sunsets
  2. visit a market
  3. watch an outdoor movie
  4. do a water ballon fight
  5. dance in the rain
  6. make an outdoor party
  7. catch fireflies at night
  8. play mini-golf
  9. roast marshmallows over a fire
  10. buy a hammock and read a book in it
  11. visit a music festival / catch a free concert
  12. be a tourist in your own town
  13. reconnect with an old friend
  14. make a music video
  15. cloud watching
  16. make an overnight movie marathon
  17. visit a butterfly house
  18. make a night walk
  19. make your own spa night
  20. follow your dreams
  21. try out something new
  22. go on a roadtrip with your friends
  23. spend an afternoon in the park
  24. go camping
  25. write a book
  26. try out new food
  27. be creative
  28. build a blanket tent
  29. take pictures
  30. be happy and enjoy life

See you soon,

"August is like the sunday of summer."

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