Enjoy the little things II Fashion & Thoughts

It's Sunday again and so the weekend is nearly over, but I think I can speak for everyone when i say 'Weekend I love you'. Basicly we all do, don't you think? The weekend is simply amazing. So today I want to share this outfit and some thoughts with you. I hope you like this post!

I don't really know how to start this post, because I do wanna share some thoughts with you but I don't really know how. I should probably start with a little story.
These pictures were taken one week ago on friday, 12th. The weather was actually not that good, my motivation was very low and I just felt stressed out. On our way back home, the sun came out and an amazing song, which I haven't been listening to in a very long time, started playing. I immediately felt way better, that was the moment I realised that we should appreciate the little things in life more.

I mean the same day, my brother and I decided to stay up and look for some falling stars. It was a magical night, in my opinion. We were lying on our balcony, some good music was playing, we talked and simply enjoyed the night. Very soon we saw a big falling star. That moment was unforgetable, we even heard some neighboors, who were as well looking at the stars.
So what I want to tell you is, we are living in a world were everything happens automatically, we try to be perfect, to be happy, to be the person everyone tells us to be... But we forget to look around once in a while and to enjoy the little things in life. A falling star, flowers, a beautiful song, deep converstations,.. should  be the things that make us happy. Well they do if we would appreciate them more. I know that I'm a young girl with few experience, but I do think that our life would be easier, happier and more beautiful if we would let things happen and simply enjoy the moment we are in right now.

So whatever you are doing and wherever you are now, look around and think about the things you're thankful for in your life. Just let your thoughts make you happy and try to enjoy life more. Even if it's hard sometimes, believe me I know what I'm talking about, but there is always a way out.

Finally there is still the outfit part left of this post, so here are the pictures we took that day. I really like my outfit. It's just that this outfit is somehow different from the other fashion posts I've shared with you.

Pants - H&M // Shirt, Jacket & Necklace - Zara

See you soon,

"Enjoy the little things in life."

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