Best of August 2016 II Beauty & Lifestyle

I don't know maybe it's only me, but I fell like time goes by way to fast. According to that August is already comming to an end. And as you can see in the picture above, my August favourites don't really look very summery. Once again he weather was very bad this month, well I've for sure never been wearing more hoodies and drinking more tea in August than this year. I was basicly ready for fall until summer came back this week. And I'm also going away for 2 weeks, so I'm pretty excited for September. Except the fact that I'm going back to school this month. Time for a new beginning.


Naked 3: color Buzz & Trick
The Naked 3 palette is my favourite one from Urban Decay and this time I've found a new combination which I really like. So I usually use the color Buzz and Trick and blend both together on my upper eyelid until it looks nice.

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr: 70-Metallic Pomegranate
Another beauty product which I enjoyed this month is a Maybelline New York Color Tattoo. Once more it's a very nice brown/coral/pink metallic color which matches perfectly with blue eyes in my opinion.



Adidas Hoodie
Presumably my most worn clothing piece this month. This dark green hoodie is actually  from the men departement and from an old collection, so I'm not sure if you can still get it. But if you're searching for a nice cozy hoodie I can definitely recommend you to have a look at these, they're also availabe in different colors, as well as for women.

Zara Necklaces
I've loved these necklaces in August. If you want to see how I like to combine them, jump over to my last fashion post. (here)


Messmer Aprikose-Pfirsich
As I told you before I drank a big amount of tea this month and this one was my favorite. Unfortunately I don't know if this tea in availabe in every country, but if you're living in Luxembourg or Germany you're totally able to get it in your local supermarket.


The princess saves herself in this one - Amanda Lovelace
I've really been into poetry this month, once again. And I totally enjoyed this book. It's a poetry book written by Amanda Lovelace. The book is divided in four different parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen and you. So the princess, the damsel and the queen descibe the life of the author in three stages. While you is a part meant as a note to the reader.


Time for my music category, don't you think? 
Firstly I have a cover of the song The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey by Conor Maynard. I'm normally not a big fan of covers, but I really liked this one this month.
Secondly I have the new album This could be heartbreak - the amity affliction. I think they have done some really great work here.
Last but not least I've bought some new records this month and my favorite one is for sure Badlands - Halsey


My random category has always been my biggest category, but I think this time I don't have much to share with you. I simply enjoyed this month, I had some nice conversations, a great sleepover, I did some photo shootings with my friends, I've seen some falling stars,..
I don't want to get into details now, but I do want to thank everyone for this month.
I hope you've had a great month too and don't forget to enjoy the last rays of sunshine.

See you soon,

"Make it a September to remember."

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