My Month In Pictures: September 2018

Summer, sunshine, ice cream, ... September.

Long time no 'Month In Pictures' article, but don't worry, they are back and I can't wait to write this one. The reason why I skipped July is because nothing really happened, I was home, looking forward to my upcoming holidays and got lost in my thoughts along the way. September, however, was a magical month. I went to the Nederlands, Italy and enjoyed the last rays of the summer sunshine.
I will write a couple of articles about my summer travels soon, so let's skip that part and get ready to reflect on my personal summer memories. 

Life Lately:

Autumn feels in Dishoek & Summer vibes in Italy. Brick houses and old cities. Early morning walks on the beach and road trips through Tuscany. The Nederlands and Italy. Happy days in Eindhoven. Chai tea and city strolls. Cosy vibes, art galleries and industrial design. The beginning and the end of my last summer adventure for 2018. Watching the sunrise through car windows and buying tons of postcards. Stunning morning views, pool days and blurred lines.
A getting things done kinda week. Lazy days at home and the first hours of the new school year. In bed, binge watching Friends and eating chocolate. A shooting days with Claudia. A games night, autumn vibes and bubble baths. Conkers and Pumpkins . . . endless summer days.

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