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So, it's nearly midnight, tomorrow's my birthday. I was looking at the sky, thinking, when I thought I would get up and write my annual birthday column.

While I've been looking forward to finally being 18, I can't help but feel like the age of 19 lacks in excitement. It's technically the beginning of my last year as a teenager but honestly I don't feel like one anymore but wouldn't classify myself as an adult either. It's this in-between age when nothing really changes but at the same time I feel like it should.

But let's face it, I didn't even make the most of the privileges that come with turning 18. Yet I am not inked nor do I have my license. It's been a strange year, even though, when I think about it, I am doing so much better than a year ago. And I don't wanna bore you with stories and anecdotes from last year, but believe me when I say that I am unbelievably grateful for all the new memories and all the wonderful people than surround me and give me strength.

One thing that I've come to realise though is that you should always do what you believe in and speak up. I doesn't matter what other people think of you but how you see yourself.
It's all about collecting moments, making new memories, falling in love with yourself, collecting beauty, feeling nostalgic, creating things . . making your life as much yours as possible. 

And after all, what remains is that I am 19 now, a little confused but doing my best at finding myself. 

Thanks for all the love, 
see you soon,

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