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'In the end, we'll all become stories.'

I love books and I really enjoy reading, nevertheless I don't get around doing it a lot all year round, except on my summer break. So here I am, reading quite a lot and sharing daily snaps out of the different books on insta stories with you. Some of you reached out to me and asked for book recommendations for summer and while I don't really know how to write these type of articles, I decided to give it a go and share some of my recent purchases with you.

coming-of-age stories / novels

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith is a book I read last summer and adored. It's one of those books that you can not get out of hand once you started the story. In case you're on the lookout for a rather sad and moody story, I can recommend you the book I was here written by Gayle Forman, her other books If I stay and Where She Went are supposed to be very good too, so have a look at them as well if you fancy. Looking for Alaska by John Green, a book most of you should probably already have heard of, did not really catch me at first, I must admit I read the first 50 pages at least 3 times until I finally sat down and decided to finish it. Nevertheless it's a very deep and moving novel.

Next up we have Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman, I haven't finished reading this one, but I had a look at some reviews and apparently it's a very beautiful and emotional book. Last but not least I decided to share with you the book The Best Of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion, I honestly haven't even read the first pages until now but as of what I've heard this book is supposed to be very heart warming. The story is about Adam Sharp and Angelina Brown who have had no contact for over twenty-two years until Angelina decides to make the first step and emails 'Hi..'.


As you probably all know I am a huge fan of poetry collections and while I usually stop myself from buying new ones, these had to be included in my collection. Sea of Stangers by Lang Leav is a book I bought about 2 months ago and still haven't finished but that's definitely gonna happen within the next week. Besides poetry, I am an absolute sucker for beautiful book covers. So when I first caught a look at the book Wild Embers: Poems of rebellion, fire and beauty by Nikita Gill it was love at first sight. I really enjoyed her view of the world. 

I would definitely recommend reading these poetry books, they are so worth it and beautifully written.


During the last year Mona Kasten has become my favourite actor when it comes to romance and love stories. I absolutely adore her way of storytelling. Both books pictured above came out very recently and made my heart beat a little faster. I first stumbled upon her books last summer while reading the Again-trilogy.

I just did a little research on the internet and apparently her books are also being released in other languages, so have a look online if you fancy reading them, which I totally recommend.

books that will change you view on the world

First of we have the inspirational bestseller The Why Cafe and it's successor Return to the why cafe by John Strelecky. Both books are, in my opinion, very enlightening and made me have a second look at my daily life. They are very inspiring and thought-provoking.

Last but not least, I have two other inspirational books on my list. But both books are in German and I'm not really sure if they are available in any other languages, so I thought I would just let you know that I enjoyed reading both of them and would recommend checking them out if you like books about philosophy and self growth.  

See you soon, 

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