My Month In Pictures: July 2018

'times are changing, but it's alright'

Hello hello, it's August which means it's time for my monthly roundup. But I am changing things up this month. I decided to divide my classic roundup into two different articles, sharing my monthly feelings and moments and all the pictures with you in my 'My Month In Pictures' articles. And all the music related recommendations and favourites in my 'Music Monday' articles which will always go live the first Monday of the new month, unless otherwise announced on my socials. 

Also, I published a life updated post a few days ago, so if you wanna read a more detailed recap of July and/or find out more about my life give it a read - here

Life Lately:

Writing my last exams and drinking iced coffee. Yearly dinner date to celebrate summer and dreamy sunsets. Day-trip to Cologne, vintage shopping, singalong on the bus and a musical night. Lazy school days and the last hours before the summer break. City strolls, editing sessions, catch ups in the city and sleepovers. Binge watching Netflix in bed and drinking coffee. Heatwave. Reading books. Looking through old photo albums and having a huge closet declutter. New summer routines and home office kinda days. Time to unwind at my aunt and uncle's. Early morning walks, cold berry smoothies, movie nights and birthday celebrations ... July, a very good month.

Articles Of The Month:

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