My Month in Pictures: October 2017

'You are the only one who can limit your greatness. Remember you are enough.'

Hello guys, how are you?

Some time passed since I posted my last 'personal' article, but as you may know I stopped publishing weekly reviews of my life at the end of September hoping that I will be able to write monthly picture diaries instead.

So here's a little visual round up of what my last month has looked like, my happy moments of the month gone by.

Personal - what happened?

Life Lately: sickness, huge cups of coffee, golden autumn, particular high temperatures, my 18 Birthday, a little birthday trip, spending long hours working on projects, burning candles, stress and school, happiness, good times, meeting new people, Ikea shopping trips, publishing my first Youtube video, building furniture and cuddling up in bed, Halloween, cold fingers and SUNSETS.

So yeah this sums up my month pretty well.
I love October, always have and always will, and I guess this month was a pretty good one. 

Nevertheless, right at the beginning of October I caught a cold and I was unable to do anything which at the end of the day was the reason why I've had a lot of stress and a few hectic weeks. 

But my month took a positive turn with my 18th Birthday approaching and my Birthday Trip to Grupont, a little town in Belgium. As you may know I am not really a Birthday person, but I somehow have the feeling that my 18th was one of the bests I've had in a couple of years. I hate parties, so it was obvious for me that I would not have one. But we went on a little Trip and I've had a really nice time. A video will follow in the near future. (Read more about my birthday thoughts here.)

Speaking about filmmaking, I published my first official Youtube video this month and I am so excited to continue filming and editing new videos for you. (video here) ( Youtube channel here)

According to school I've had a lot of projects to finish and things to do, but it was bearable I guess. A positive aspect of school was indeed that I got to know new people (which I am really happy about) and I guess I am making a huge effort in terms of being more open and finding my place.

Right now I have a week off from school, which allows me to finish decorating our little home office and I will hopefully have some time to take new pictures and to recharge my batteries.   

Birthday Trip - Grupont, BE

Fashion - New obsessions?

Waking up every morning at about 6 o'clock, writing tests and going to school, also means laziness when it comes to fashion. So my school uniform, this month were definitely a pair of black jeans, my black superga platform sneakers, a black jeans jacket and a graphic tee. So yeah I've gone back to my all black outfits and my comfort zone, but I like it and I guess that's all that matters.
Besides I am obsessed with layering necklaces. I love to collect rings, but lately I've really been in love with necklaces.

Another obvious change for me, probably unnoticeable for you, is my 'new' dark brown hair color. I actually love my natural hair color, but I hate that the ends often look orange/yellow. I mean I obviously tried different silver shampoos and I dye my hair quite frequently, usually with temporary hair dye or colouring shampoo. This time I've used a formula with normally lasts 24 hair washes and until now I am quite impressed.

↑ before // after ↓

Favourites - Music, Lifestyle, Random

fav song: Oh Wonder - Drive

random: sitting in the dark and listening to music 

lifestyle: Insta Stories 

food: chocolate almond milk

t h e   l i t t l e   t h i n g s   i n   l i f e

See you soon,

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