finally 18!!

'Take every chance.'

Today's the day, I am turning 18. I am reaching another milestone in my life, yet I don't feel like it's happening.

Isn't this crazy? I mean I remember the day before I turned 10 and my 16 birthday. On both I was scared and excited but mainly scared. Right now I am just a little bit terrified, terrified to be a grownup. Actually I am scared of what happens after today, I'll be an adult and I'll have to take responsibilities. I mean me, the little girl from next door, is now officially part of the grownup society. I can vote, make my licence, get inked and pierced, donate blood,.. I can do all the adult stuff.

Things will change but I will still be the same person and maybe even a better one.

I honestly don't know how to feel about my birthday, but a few days ago I wrote a little text which I wanna share with you. So here are some of my thoughts, things I've been thinking about lately:

hello to responsibilities 
goodbye to childish behaviour 

hello to making your dreams happen
goodbye to giving up 

hello to growth
goodbye to hiding yourself behind a fake smile

hello to going on new adventures 
goodbye to fear

hello to happiness and laughter 
goodbye to sadness and pain

hello to making new memories 
goodbye to old habits

hello to new friends
goodbye to unknown faces

hello to learning new skills
goodbye to the boring stuff

hello to taking your own doctor appointments
goodbye to asking your mother to do it for you

hello to treating yourself
goodbye to saving all your money
(don't take this too serious please)

hello to making mistakes 
goodbye to perfectionism  

hello to self expression
goodbye to being expected to look like everyone else

hello to actually understanding the lyrics of a song
goodbye to pretending to know every word

hello to writing meaningful poetry 
goodbye to watching barbie movies

hello to getting up with the sun
goodbye to eating breakfast at 12 o'clock 

hello to good vibes
goodbye to negative thoughts 

hello to a new world
goodbye to the old me

hello to saying goodbye

(to be continued..)

See you soon,

(Please note that this article is inspired by something I saw a few months ago.)

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Unknown said...

Hope you had a great birthday and are enjoying adult life (as much as possible anyway)!
Great post, love the photos a lot. April x

Avril Marie | Lifestyle Blogger