the experiment - digital detox // diary entry

When was the last time you spend a day without your phone?

It's Sunday, 10:25. It's raining outside, the fairy lights above my head are on, I am sitting on my bed, still in my pjs and 34 hours passed since I went offline.

But let's start from the beginning.

Friday, 3 o'clock.
I just came back from school and I was about to make myself something to eat. I was not that hungry actually. I was tired and so I decided to go to bed. Plan number 1 failed, I wasn't going to be super productive today and so did plan number 2. No I wasn't going to write a new blogpost neither. I stayed in bed, decided I was too tired to do anything, I was wasting time away, I scrolled through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,.. and I watched a couple of Youtube videos. I told myself I was having some time for myself to relax and come down.

Later on my mother left, so did my brother and I was home alone. I wanted to take a shower but getting up was not an option, so I stayed in bed and watched another couple of videos. Around 9 pm I finally took a shower. The water splashed against my body, my thoughts were running through my head and it was in that exact moment when I decided to do an experiment. I came out of the shower, got dressed and immediately, without even thinking about it, I announced on my Instagram that I wanted to go on a digital detox from midnight to Sunday morning.

Saturday, 9 o'clock.
I was awake, but tired. I didn't went to bed until 3 last night, but I was making my way out of my bed. I haven't had a good sleep in over two weeks, which leads to the fact that I am always tired, sleeping 4-5 hours every night, going to school, writing tests, studying and having a blog to look after is definitely not the best combination. It was time for coffee and contemplation, something I never do on Saturday mornings. I usually get up, eat breakfast and spend another few hours on my phone. Not today.

Later on, I went down, sat on the couch and because I was not sure what I should do, I started watching children's tv. I felt a little bit melancholic, I used to love this program.
On purpose I choose a day where I didn't left the house to do this experiment because I get anxious very easily and I didn't wanted to feel bad because of it.
I started doing my homework, which was kinda strange, I usually chat with my classmates while doing them, but not today. I remembered how I used to study as a kid.

My day went on as usual, though I might add at this point that I felt kinda free and lost during the day. I had to change up everything. My phone is more than only a cellphone to me, I use it for everything (notebook, dictionary, calculator,..), sadly but true it's my daily companion. Checking my phone is usually the last and the first thing I do every single day. I share a huge part of my life with you on Instagram, so taking and editing pictures is something I usually do on a daily basis. Besides Spotify may be my all-time favourite app.
It was on Saturday afternoon that I started to feel a little bit hectic and a little tingle in my fingers. I guess it's the same feeling you perceive once you're about to go on a diet and people around you eat sweets or once you decide to stop smoking and your friends smoke around you. It's strange, but you gotta stay strong and try to archive your goal.

In the evening I watched a tv show and decided to get to bed. It was before midnight when I laid down, read a few pages in a book, which is something I never do but I mean I had to do something, and I got lost in my thoughts before I fall asleep.


So that's what I did, I spend one day without my phone, my laptop or any other modern technology.
I guess I didn't spend one single day without my phone since 2011, I mean I sometimes turn my phone off when I am studying or when people are around but never for more than a few hours.

I am glad I decided to start this experiment. During the day I had much more time for myself, I felt a little bit melancholic but in a good way and I didn't had to check my phone every few minutes.
I don't know if I am doing this again in the near future, but I will for sure try to turn my phone off more regularly.

But right now I am kinda excited to go online, to scroll through social media and to find out what my friends have been up to this weekend. No I am not addicted, I just love to stay in contact with people and to be part of a huge internet community.

I hope I can inspire some of you to do the same. 

See you soon,

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