A postcard from Summer 2019.

summer feelings

Hey, hello - hope you're all fine.

Today I am back with a kind of digital postcard from my last summer road trip to the French Riviera - more precisely St-Tropez, St-Raphaël, St-Maxime and Frejus. I fell in love with the South of France many years ago and let me tell you, it's a truly magical place.

Since I'm missing summer so much right now and I spent way too much time going through all the pictures on my laptop, I thought I may as well share some of my favourites with you.
All the pictures were taken with my Canon Eos 70D. I did shot some film photography too, but haven't got it developed yet.

And with that being said, I invite you to get lost in my captured memories. I hope you'll feel the vibes I felt.

Doin' Time - Lana Del Rey

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