a life update,

Hey, hello. Long time no see, I know.
Here's what's been going on and how I am feeling.

Where have I been?

The truth is, I knew I wanted to publish a life update article next but kept holding myself back because I was going to wait until everything was finally coming together and I could talk you through the exciting things that are coming up.

But you know, that's never gonna happen. It seems like my life has the funny habit of making me feel lost lately, which made me realised that it's okay. I don't need to have it all together, and just because it's seems like everybody else does, it's not the truth. We're all struggling and that's okay.

Current Life Status: Should sleep more.

My life has been a bit messy lately, in both, positive and negative terms. Since the day I turned 20, my life turned upside down. I worked really hard on some projects, finish portfolio Nr 1, started with portfolio Nr 2 and handed them both in. I did some freelance jobs as a graphic designer and photographer and started doing a creative business internship. But at the same time, I felt an extrem pressure, had to deal with a lot of panic and felt overwhelmed and stressed all the time.

But I am on it, still struggling but doing my best.

2020 is coming.

2020. It's still an empty page for me. No plans and no obligations. But I am starting to like the idea of having this new decade still in front of me, blank and empty. For once I feel like I don't need to know what happens next.

I am just extremely grateful for all the new experiences I've made since the day I graduated and for getting to know me a little bit better. And I am sure we'll find out what 2020 holds for us soon enough.


Last but not least, I hope you're having a great Sunday. It just started snowing over here, which honestly makes me so happy. I am for once feeling the Christmas spirit and can't wait to decorate the house, bake cookies and watch my favourite movies.

Remember thats it's okay to struggle from time to time and to listen to yourself more often.

I'll talk to you soon,
Love, S.

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