My Month In Pictures: March 2018

'This is a story of  d r e a m s  mixed with reality.'

Life Lately:
International Women's Day. Slow Saturday mornings. 
Rainy days & blue skies. Sun & snow. Another day, another subject. 
Deadlines, deadlines & deadlines. Outfit shootings. Nights that turned into mornings. 
School holidays. Day trip to Brussels. Sleeping, thinking, watching.

Thumbs Up For: school holidays

Thumbs Down For: rainy weather

Favs Of The Month:

Riverdale & Rip Tide



Missing summer days, life without plans, sunsets & sunrises,
 good music, warm temperatures, this feeling, messy hair & beaches . . . 

Can we start the weekend over again?

I am so over this weather.

It's all about time.

S U N S E T : the cure for everything.

Just wanna be free. Just wanna be me.

Articles Of The Month:

e x c i t i n g   m o n t h   a h e a d   


See you soon,

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