20 of my favourite non materialistic things in life

'D o n ' t    f o o l   y o u r s e l f.'

  1. Feeling confident in your own skin, inside and out.
  2. The smell before rain & the feeling when, on a hot summer day, the first rain drop touches your naked skin.
  3. Sunsets, pink clouds & the golden light that enters your room while the sun slowly sets.
  4. The sound of the ocean.
  5. Random bursts of motivation that make you get up in the middle of the night.
  6. Late night car drives when all your dreams seem pursuable.
  7. When a song you haven't listened to in a very long time comes up on the radio.
  8. When a stranger smiles at you without a reason and the sound of laughter in someone's voice.
  9. Nights that turned into mornings.
  10. Sitting in the dark and listening to your favourite songs.
  11. The chirping of birds on an early morning.
  12. When you dance like nobody's watching.
  13. Slow Saturday mornings.
  14. Realising that you're not as alone as you thought you were.
  15. Sitting outside and watching the stars.
  16. The changing of seasons.
  17. True friendships and friends that support you and your passions.
  18. Being able to feel different emotions.
  19. Making up little scenarios that are probably never gonna happen in real life.
  20. Realising how far you've come in life and being proud of yourself.

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Sweater - Zara // Black Jeans - Only // Shoes - Tamaris

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