Weekly Wednesday #1

02/08/17 - 09/08/17

'Decide. Commit. Succed.'

Personal & thoughts - What's up? What's up next?

First of all happy August my beautiful people, I hope y'all had a good start!

This week was rather exciting. Ok wait, I must admit I spent nearly my hole week at home working on relaunching my blog. But it's now online and I am so happy, I've really been missing the feeling of creating and writing. However, we also went to Ikea, because guess what, we are currently repainting two rooms in our house and we'll definitely also need new furniture. I am so excited. I have a huge passion for interior design and decoration, in fact I guess I've never talked about that. BUT maybe I'll write an article about our makeover, fingers crossed.
It has been a bit quieter on Insta Stories this week which had to do with the fact that I'm currently not at home. I'm spending a few days at my aunts and uncles house to come down and to relax. Well let's say technically I am also their dog sitter while they're at work. All in all I am just having some time for myself and this is really what I needed the most. This might sound silly because obviously I am on my summer break right now, but I am really bad at taking care of myself, I am a huge worrier and stress is something I struggle with all the time, so I am really thankful that I've got the opportunity to stay here.

Proud of . . . 

Recently, I have been doing everything except bullet journaling. Since January I've used my bullet journal nearly every single month, so my main goal was to keep on going. This week I had so much fun trying out new layouts and weekly spreads, I really think I am back at it.  

Book of the week

Mhairi McFarlane - Who's that girl?
(Irgendwie hatte ich mir das anders vorgestellt)

Atticus - Love Her Wild

Sunset of the week

See you soon,

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