The Melody Of Change

"It's time to remember what it's like to feel alive."

Northlane // Quantum Flux

The story behind . . . 

realised that I shouldn't take things so serious. Being a blogger has always been a dream of mine. Back then I spend every minute thinking about it, making plans and using my favourite notebook to create little articles for myself.
And it might sounds crazy, but I miss this feeling. What actually kept me away from totally being myself on this blog was me, my perfectionism and overall the fear of failure.
But here I am now making a new, fresh start, relaunching my website.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that we shouldn't take everything in life so serious. I am a huge worrier and over thinker. BUT I wanna change this.

So this is where I start, seeing this blog with new eyes and writing articles about things I am totally passionate about. Because deep down this is my little space of the internet, my note book with my thoughts, something like a photo album for my future self and I wanna share all this with you!
This is me and I would love if you come along, follow my journey of growing up, creating and finding myself. 

I want to be in love with what I do, I want to feel alive and be happy. So I guess this is my melody of change.

Change is never a bad thing, it helps us to live the life we always wanted to and at the end of the day we may be a different person, a better person. 

This article was never meant to dig this deep into my thoughts/feeling, but I think it's just who I am, how my brain works.
Anyhow below you will get more details about some of the projects I've been working on, stay tuned and excited.

Blog . . . 

Nearly two years ago, I launched my first blog. Something that probably nobody of you knows is that this blog was not my first one. I always told my younger self that as soon as I turn 16 I will be old enough to create a blog, so that's what I did a few weeks after my birthday, my first blog ever 'Mademoiselle Coccinelle' was born. You must know I was always really really bad at technology, so two months later I shut it down because I wasn't happy. Why? Well I've made it all myself without any knowledge or help. So my main goal for the upcoming weeks was to get to know more about all this blogging stuff. And let me tell you it was a difficult road but I am still very proud of myself.

In February 2016 I finally launched my blog 'A little magic'. But still, I always wanted to get my own domain, so that's what it did now. (finally!!) I took a blogger e-course and bought a domain. 
I have been really productive this past week and so my new old blog is now online, as you may have seen I changed the name 'Stars + Magic' as well as my about page, the disclaimer and all in all I did some technical things. I was thinking about buying a new template, but finally I didn't, because I quite like the look of my blog and I didn't want to have a blog that looks like every other. 

Maybe I should tell you more about my new name. 'Stars + Magic' is firstly a combination of two words that mean a lot to me, as a huge sky lover I am also a stars lover. Magic stands for my old blog name which was my first step into the big blogger world. Secondly the first letters of Stars and Magic stand for my real name Shana Mauricio. I wanted to have a unique name, which represents me and is easy to remember.

According to the content of my blog, I decided that my main focus will still lay on Fashion, Lifestyle and Thoughts, which I subdivided into the categories photography, self love, inspiration, creative living and music. Besides I have some new and old blog series that I will publish on a regular basis. I'll try to publish at least one article every week and occasionally up to 2 or 3 articles a week.
Without furthermore I think I should give you more details about my new and old blog series.

Regular articles . . .

More Self Love

Firstly we have my favourite series 'msl'. Back in April I published my first article rewarding this topic and I definitely wanna continue this series. Self love and self care are so important. Nevertheless there is something I wanna get out. I didn't realised that my first article (article here) was a little triggering until someone drew attention to it. I honestly want to apologise, I wrote the part about myself, my past with my old diary lying by my side and I didn't paid attention to your feelings. I am used to reading deep texts, that's why I personally didn't see the trigger behind it. I am so sorry.

Music Monday

'Music Monday' is  a series I started quite recently and I definitely want to continue.(first article here) Whenever I feel like I am discovering new bands, artists and songs a new article about music will get up on my blog typically on a Monday.

Fashion Stories

Let me present you another series, a fashion series this time. Yes, fashion is still a big part of my daily life, so in this series called 'Fashion Stories' I decided to share my favourite outfits with you.

Weekly Wednesday

Another new series is my 'Weekly Wednesday'. The name is pretty self explaining, so you might have seen some bloggers writing 'weekly reviews' or 'life update' posts. (personal articles about their week) And well that's what 'ww' is going to be a series about my life, so you get to know more about me. I know from time to time my life is very boring, but don't worry I'll try to make this series as interesting as possible and I'll give it a little personal touch. Oh and obviously these articles will get up on a Wednesday, preferably every Wednesday, but I am not quite sure if I'll make it. 

Travel with me 

Last but definitely not least, we have probably the first series I ever created 'travel with me'. I am not that much of a traveller, because I have a huge fear of flying. Nevertheless I love to share my adventures with you and to write travel diaries.

Photography . . . 

I love my blog, but somehow I always had that feeling that I'm only promoting myself and not my photographs. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy to shoot different outfits and to stand in front of the camera. But photography has always been my biggest passion and according to the fact that I took a photography class about a year ago, I decided to create another website and instagram account only for my photographs. Go check them out if you like.

New socials . . . 


Guess what? Yes, I am on officially on Youtube. (channel here) After serval tries I created a new channel and I am hoping to film some videos very soon. Through I am not going to post videos every week, I decided to use Youtube to record my little moments of happiness. 
Fun fact: Way before I discovered my passion for photography, I used to document all our family holidays, birthdays and travel adventures, edit all my footage and finally I would make little movies. This must have been more than 6 years ago, but I miss the feeling of creating and editing. 


Facebook was probably my first step into the digital world, yet I never thought of it as a medium to promote my blog and to share my passion with another community. So I hope some of you will find your way to my Facebook page and we could interact. (facebook page here)


Instagram has always been my favourite social media, above all because I love photography and because of the community. Nonetheless I haven't been very personal, I guess. But this is going to change, I will try to share more of my daily life with you in my Insta stories. 

Pinterest & Tumblr

Finally I also want to use Pinterest and Tumblr more. I love both, but sadly I usually don't have enough time to use them continuously. We will see how it's going to involve in the future.

I have talked way too much, haven't I? But for the first time in forever I feel like this could actually be the good side of change. Isn't it exciting?

Take care of yourself, stay save and please don't take life too serious, we still have time to figure everything out. The clock might be ticking, but if your battery is low, you will not be able to shine.

See you soon,

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