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'Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something.'

Two weeks ago I shared an article about my current beauty favourites with you and well today I decided to do the same thing with my current lifestyle favourites.

Platform Shoes

In the last few weeks, I rediscovered my love for platform sneakers, they are super comfortable and always make you seem a little bit taller. I used to wear them a lot a few years ago, but somehow I forget about them and now I bought myself some new ones and I think they look absolutely stunning.

Yellow Clothes

I guess I have a new obsession. Usually I tend to wear black and grey clothes on a daily basis. But lately I have been loving everything that's yellow. And I am kinda surprised by myself, but I simply love this color so much.


absolutely admire Luanna 's ring collection, so about a year ago I started collecting some myself. By now I have 6 rings which I really love and that all have a special and individual meaning to me. 


eighteen years - Madison Kuhn

note to self - Conor Franta

You may know by now that I love poetry. And well this month 'eighteen years' and 'note to self' have been by far my favourite poetry collections. There's just that something that makes me fall in love with these books all over again whenever I open them.

begin again - Mona Kasten

13 reasons why - Jay Asher 

Usually I tend to read English books, because in most cases I prefer the original version. Nevertheless ever since I stopped reading German books my German skills are getting worse. Therefore I decided to restart reading in German. Both books are very good in my opinion, but I must admit that although I liked '13 reasons why' I think that the book (& the Netflix series) are very self harm triggering. Which is in fact the reason why I did not watched the whole series.

Jetzt, Baby - Julia Engelmann

Some of you may know Julia Engelmann, she's a German poet who writes amazing poetry slam poems. About two years ago, I got to know her poems on Youtube. She is currently on tour and this month she finally found her way to Luxembourg. And let me tell you, her show was extremely inspiring and motivating. If you understand German I would definitely recommend you to check her out.

art journal 

All in all an art journal is a notebook in which you combine words (thoughts, poems, ideas) and art (photography, drawings) to express yourself. As an art student, poetry and music enthusiast it was somehow predictable that at some point I would start an art journal. Actually I did at the beginning of 2017, but somehow I only started using my art journal by the end of February. I am really lucky I did because art journaling helps me a lot to relax and to get my thoughts out of my head.


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