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Hello everybody, I hope you're doing okay. I feel like I haven't talked to you in a while, which is probably true, because I am very busy with school at the moment. Nevertheless I really enjoy trying out new beauty products, so today I decided to share with you some of my current beauty favourites.


essie - stylenomics

essie - sand tropez

essie - cocktail bling

essie - licorice

At a very young age I started painting my nail in literally every color of the rainbow, sometimes I even used to create little designs on my nails. But a few years ago I stopped, I still wore nail polish but the bright colours disappeared. Especially in the last couple of months I have been painting my nails black for weeks straight. But now with summer approaching I have gone back to neutrals and pastels and I just love them so much.


NUXE - rêve de miel / ultra-nourishing lip balm

Back in April, I visited my aunt and I actually had a really good time there. My lips were very damaged back then, so my aunt recommended me to use this lip balm and I must admit, I love it. My lips always feel so soft after I use this lip balm and the smell is amazing. 


catrice cosmetics- HD liquid coverage foundation

I usually don't buy new foundation that often. But I stumbled upon this one and let me tell you something, this foundation really surprised me. If you're looking for a good affordable high coverage foundation, I will definitely recommend you to have a look at this one.


Catrice - 1010 / Vin-Touch of Rose

Catrice - 930 / Hakuna MATTata

Catrice - 990 / Don't Cry For Me Aubergina 

Essence - 01 / it's berry time

This past month I really liked to create a red/brown/purple kinda eye makeup. Therefore I applied  the brown and the pink shade on my crease and blended them in. I used the purple color on my eyelid as well as on my lower eyelid. Finally to make my eyes look brighter I applied the shimmering pink eyeshadow in my inner eye angle.

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