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September - a month filled with happiness, good memories, music, deep thoughts, passions, new experiences,.. has got to an end. And so it's time for my best of september article. I want to be honest with you and so I have to say that this september was a really exhausting and stressfull month for me, but in the same way I've had some time to overthink my life, to relax and to start working on some new projects, not to forget that I even changed school this month. Anyway, let's get started.


You could say I'm starting to be choker addict. I simply like them sooo much. They go with absolutely everything and look so beautiful. I've made the one with the little elephant and the other one is from pull and bear, in case you want to buy them.

Black skirt
I usually don't like wearing skirts, well actually dresses in general, but this month I was really obsessed with this black skirt. I've bought it last winter and totally forgot about it. But now that I've been away this skirt has probably been my favourite clothing piece. 

Off-shoulder T-shirt
Everyone used to wear off-sholder tops this summer and I own some myself, but I've quite never worn them. Until I bought this off-shoulder t-shirt, which in my opinion looks beautiful. I've been wearing this t-shirt with shorts in on my vacation, on the first day of school and to a concert. So I think this clothing piece can be worn for a big amounth of different occasions.


Q&A a day / 5-year journal
A couple of weeks ago, when I was in Heidelberg, Germany (klick here to read the article about our stay) my mother bought me this 5-year jounal. In fact this book asks you every day a new question which you have to answer. I really liked the idea of this journal and after I've been using it for 2 months I still enjoy answering the questions. So I can really recommend you to have a look at it, also this might be a good birthday present idea.

I haven't told you much about my vacation and I won't do that now, but if you want  you can read/watch my impressions article (here). Anyways my summer holidays are over now and so my vacations have of course been a highlight for me this month.


Music is my life but I normally try to avoid concerts, I don't know it's simply who I am. Nevertheless I've been on a walking on cars concert with a very good friend of mine and I'm very glad I've said yes. By the way thank you for taking me. So their album Everything this way has been one of my favorites this month.

And so September is over and it's time for October.
See you soon,

"Dear October, I'm going to make you awesome."

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