Best of June 2016 II Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello world,
I'm back with my monthly favorites, this time a little bit later because my laptop broke down and I actually had to learn for my last exam before I could look after my macbook and finish this blogpost. I'm very excited today, because I've written my last exam and holidays are coming in a few days. But before that I want to share this post with you, enjoy.


Mac Whirl

This lipstick was my favorite this month, I bought it a few months ago in Maastricht and since that day I'm in love with the color and formula. If you wanna see how the lipstick looks on my lips, hop over to my last fashion post (here). 

Revlon professional revlonissimo 45 days total color care

This is an sulfate free shampoo for colored hair or for hair which has been treaten with coloring shampoo (like mine). Actually I tried to dye my hair by myself and I totally failed. So my hairdresser and this shampoo helped me to gain the best possible result. 



I think most of you should know and perhaps also have Netflix. Briefly said I was obsessed with Netflix, not because of all the series they have, but because of the films. This month was a very stressfull one for me and so whenever I had time to relax I really liked to watch a film.


Perhaps you're asking yourself now why plants have made it into my favorites. Well it's simple I wanted to have some new plants in my room and so I bought these ones and I'm happy with them. 


Music is always my favorite categorie, but this time I don't have a great number of new songs for you. As always I have my two playlists ( alternative & summer vibes '16) which you can find on my  spotify (here).  Nevertheless there are also two songs which I want to share with you:
Pity Party - Melanie Martinez and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day. These two songs kinda  describe my month pretty well.


Ein Sommer und vier Tage - Adriana Popescu

As I really like reading books, but I don't want to read books with a deeper meaning in schooltime, I decided to read this youth book. Actually the book is only available in german so I don't know if I should explain in great details what the book is all about, but basically it's a beautiful lovestory between two teenagers. 

See you soon,

P.S: What are your plans for summer? Let me know in the comments if you want.

"Let's have a great summer!"

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