Best of July 2016 II Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello and happy sunday everyone,
July is over and so it's time for my favorites, it's kinda terrifying how much happened this month. I mean July has felt like one of the longest, sadest and happiest month that I've had this year. I've written my last exam, finished this school year, worked on my website and travelled to 3 different countries. Anyway, I'm happy that July is finally over and so August, my favorite summer month, can start. This month is literally meant to make memories.


Hoola bronzing powder - benefit

Some years ago, I wanted to buy this bronzing powder but I never did because in my opinion the bronzer is way to expensive. Nevertheless I had to buy it now and I'm very impressed. This powder is definitely a product that you can use everyday, anyhow I want to mention that it's easy to over apply, so be careful.

Essie - Allure

This nail polish is a very  beautiful one if you're looking for a sheer/milky nail polish which looks very professional on your nails or if you simply don't want to use all these bright summer nail polishes anymore. 

Decléor - aroma dynamic refreshing toning gel

This month the weather has been so crazy, we've had everything from 15°C one day to 36°C the next day. So on days when it's very hot outside I like to apply this refreshing toning gel on my legs.


Have you ever found some old records in your attic?
I've found some a few months ago and absolutely wanted to listen to them. So I bought myself a record player and started listening to some old records, aswell as to some new ones. If you're a big music fan I'll totally recommend you to start collecting records.
But I've also some song recommendations for you this month. Firstly we have the song "Catch Me If You Can - Walking On Cars", aswell as the song "Cold in California - Marcus Layton" and last but not least the song "Last Resort - Papa Roach".
And for the first time in forever I have found a playlist which I really liked this month "Warm Fuzzy Feeling". I really liked to listen to the music on this playlist while I was writting down some things or simply while I was reading a book.


Once again my random category will contain more favorites than all my other categories together, but who cares. It's just that I've experienced a big amount of different things/emotions this month and so I've a lot to talk about.
Let's start of at the begining, my very personal post "starting a new chapter" has been my most read post so far and I want to thank you for that, it was difficult for me to, in some way, write about my emotions. Speaking about emotions, my last school day has also been very emotional, but it's over now and I'm ready for my future.
I also want to thank one particular person for always having been there for me in the past three weeks. I don't know if you're ever going to read this, but thank you.
My summer holidays have started and so I've already been away. I've actually visited Belgium, the Nederlands and Germany this month, which I'm very thankful for. Pictures will soon follow on my instragram account.
I don't know if you wanna know more about my life, so I think I'm going to stop there. But all in one this has been my life in the past couple of weeks. I hope you've experienced as much or even more as I have and so I wish you a great start in the next month.

See you soon, 

"Give me a summer to remember."

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