Fashion Stories: New Year's Eve Outfit

'It is the season to sparkle.'

This year is slowly coming to an end and it's time to get ready for the most magical night of the year (at least in my opinion) - New Year's Eve. I love New Year's Eve, though I am not a big fan of short/tight dresses. And sure there's nothing wrong with wearing these type of dresses but that's simply not what I like to wear. 

So here's my New Year's Eve outfit. I paired one of my favourite edgy sweaters with a pastel pink velvet skirt and to make the look a little bit more festive I added these glittery shoes. Not to forget my new favourite purse which looks pretty cool in combination with the skirt, I guess.
If you still don't know what to wear, I hope my look can give you some last-minute outfit inspiration. 

What are your plans for New Year Eve? I honestly don't have anything special planned, but I am okay with it.

d e t a i l s:

Sweatshirt - Zara // Shoes - Asos // Skirt - Rokoko // Bag - Rebecca Minkoff 

See you soon,

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