let's stay home.

aka a few things to do instead of going out

If you have been around for a while now, you might know that I never speak about anything regarding politics, crises,.. Not because I don't care, I do, but because this space has always been my escape. And yet I believe this time it's different.

Personally, I decided to slow things down and to stay home even more than I usually do and therefore, I thought it might be nice to share my thoughts on how I am about to spend this spare time at home with you.


1. Self-care. I don't know about you but I haven't been in a good head space lately. Not only because of recent events but in a way it's all been a little to much. So, I am really looking forward to spend some time reflecting and rearrange my thoughts, as well as getting back into meditation. 

2. Art. Why not use the time to get lost in an art form? Let's get creative. Whether it's a canvas that's been standing in your room for a while now, a new recipe or one of the books from your reading list, now's the time to do whatever you've been wanting to do for a while.

3. Music. You may know how to play an instrument and will use the time to get better at it. I don't. However, I am planning on creating a new playlist and hope to discover new artists along the way. Besides, it's a great distraction. Put on some music and dance. It will for sure brighten your mood and give you some movement. 

4. Entertainment & Education. Netflix, Youtube, Documentations, Podcasts, Board Games,.. we've got it all. Make use off all the games you've been storing in your cabinet for a while now or the series that you've been looking forward to watch. You could also educate yourself in something you're already interested in or learn a new skill. And obviously you could get work done for school/uni.

5. Relationships. Remember to check in with people who might feel overwhelmed, your friends, people who live alone and your grandparents. It's important to stay in touch, make phone calls and face time your loved ones. Chat about life and dive into conversations.

6. Random things I've been putting off since forever: sort out all the pictures on my phone, fix my sleeping schedule, deep clean my closet, make important decisions, brainstorm, have a pamper session,..


Last but not least, I hope you're all doing good. Take the situation serious and please try to remain as calm as possible, don't panic and don't act selfish. Let's all just try and do what we can. And always remember: our health is priority! 

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