Mixtape vol.1 // De Haan

a mood playlist,

Do you remember my music Monday post which I used to publish over the last 2 years? Yeah, great! They're back but with a few, hopefully exciting, changes. Back in the day, I used to share my latest favourite tunes with you and from time to time I wrote a few words about the songs and the artists, however, I never quite liked the concept with lead to the fact that I simply stopped publishing them. 

So now, what's new? I wanna change the concept by creating different mood playlists, depending on how I feel and which type of music I am listening to. In addition, I decided to share them with you on Instagram (here) and to publish the final mixtapes over on Spotify (here).
I hope you''ll love my new music related content as much as I do and discover new artists and tunes.

For my first mixtape, I decided to create a mood playlist around my recent trip to the Belgian coast. The vibe of the playlist is very laid back, soft and dreamy - the perfect playlist for late nights or little self-care sessions.

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