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Okay, so after writing the same post over and over again, I ended up here, trying to share my latest feelings, what's been going on and what's about to happen with you. Because I guess after all, we both need to talk.

One way or another, you may have realised that I have been taking a step back. Mainly because I am in my last year of high school and my final exams are slowly but surely coming up but also because I've been elsewhere with my thoughts. Not quite sure where, but lost somewhere between nostalgia and the fear of the unknown.

You know, as much as my life may look perfect from the outside, it's not completely the truth. I am grateful for the life I am leading but I make mistakes too. Probably more than you can imagine. 
Yet, I am just a young adult with problems of her own, feeling scared, lost and emotional.
But like all of us, I am slowly figuring it out and that involves accepting the truth and letting go of ideas that are not gonna happen. It's all part of growing up, isn't it?

It's about time for me to stop celebrating that same old pity party, time to embrace it and time to stop fighting back.

It's about time to be more real, online and with the people that care about us. It's about time to help each other and time to spread positivity. 

It's about time that we learn what it means to embrace the truth.
This goes out to all of us, may we become better versions of ourselves and stop faking it.


With that being said, I am gonna leave you now. I am taking a 2 month break from this blog due to my finals and will get back to you at the beginning of July. I'll still try to keep my instagram updated and let you be part of the 'crazy' months that still lay in front of me. ( @starsandmagic

See you soon,
lots of love, S. 

Words by: Stars+Magic
Photographer: Claudia Julia
Location: Cd Buttek, Luxembourg City

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