Behind The Scenes #3

My level of maturity changes depending on who I am with.

Hello everybody and happy Sunday. How are you?

First and foremost I wanna apologise for the lack of blog content these days. 
But honestly I had no time to shot over my winter break (which I normally do) and since about two weeks it's unbelievably cold here in Luxembourg. So yeah I really don't fancy going out in a minimum of clothing layers only to shot an outfit and get a cold in reverse. 

Nevertheless I am back with a new article today. After what feels like forever I decided to go ahead and share some new behind the scenes pictures with you. Enjoy!

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Photographer: Can you please try to stay serious for a moment? 
Me: ...

...when you realise you are as pale as the sweater you're wearing.

Me: Take a pic, this might look cool!

Am I a rapper yet?

Me: Look I am a plane!
Photographer: Shana! What on earth are you doing?!

 Tiredness seems to be the only thing I can relate to.

See you soon,

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