Music. II Thoughts

What does music mean to you?

I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of music, lately. I started thinking about what music means to me, I asked my friends and came to the conclusion that music plays a very important role in our life. So today I just wanna share some thoughts with you.

Everybody relates in a different way to music and we all have a different music taste. Please don't judge anybody because of their music taste, you'll never know why this kind of music means so much to some people. So don't be silly and narrow-minded, just accept it. 

Don't follow the hype. Be different. Listen to what makes you happy. 

Personally I don't think I'd have come this far without music. Music is my therapist, my inspiration. Music makes me realize that I'm not alone. It helps me to calm down and relax for a moment. All in all music understands me, my sadness, my emotions, my happiness,..  The lyrics reflect how I feel. 
Music is.. music is my world, I know this sounds ridiculous, but maybe it's the truth.

Music has changed my life. I may be the one who's excited to get to know somebody's favourite song even though I don't have one. My mind partly consists of music lyrics, but hey I'm a teenager and somehow the lyrics become one with me.

Music changes your mood, and makes you feel something. 

Generally I think that music is all we have, and all we'll ever be. We connect different songs with different memories. We give songs the power to influence our life.

There are no real words to explain the power of music, or why music makes us feel all these different emotions, music is simply amazing! Music is magical. Music is happiness, music is your heart, your pulse.

Let me know your thoughts in the commments!

See you soon,

"Music is what feelings sound like."

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