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I've stopped writting "best of" posts a couple of months ago, nevertheless I still want to share my favorites with you, so I decided to write seasonal essentials articles. As it's nearly christmas and my christmas break just started, I thought it might be time to share this post with you.


Catrice cosmetics - matt lip artist 6hr / nr. 070 First bROWn Ticket

Mac cosmetics - matte / whirl

NYX - soft matte lip cream / Copenhagen

Christmas & New Years Eve - what would these holidays be without dark lipstick? Personally I love to wear dark lipstick all year round, but I know that especially now that it's getting colder ouside everyone loves to wear them aswell, so here are my favorites.

Urban Decay - Naked Basics

Quite as much as I like a dark lip, I adore this eye shadow palette, perfect everyday colors in my opinion. 

Chanel - 18 rouge noir

Essie - 88 licorice

Black nail polish will probably always be my number one, but besides that I also like to wear very dark red nailpolish and this one from Chanel is definitely my favorite. I fell like you could never go wrong with a dark nail polish in wintertime.


Lush bath bombs 

Lush bath bombs, and of course any other bath bombs, make cold winterdays even more enjoyable in my opinion. There's just that something that makes me so excited to take a bath whenever I pass a lush store or when it's raining outside. I just love to take long warm baths.

Star Choker - Zara

I've told you a couple of months ago about my obsession with chokers, well it still hasn't stopped whenever an wherever I am, I start looking for chokers. They look great with absolutely everything and make even a simle black long sleeve look nice and trendy.

Holding up the universe - Jennifer Niven

Bullet jounal - Leuchtturm 1917

Reading is still my favorite thing to do in wintertime, so here's the book I'm currently reading, I'm so excited to keep on reading. Besides that I think bullet jounaling is a cool thing to start doing this winter, I've bought myself this one and I'm already planning to start mine in 2017.

I've written about quite a couple of things in this post, but still cozy and thick sweaters need to be featured in my winter essentials article, don't you think? I clearly would not survive any winter without a sweater. Especially now that I've been sick, I adore to wear clothes that keep me warm, so that I don't get another cold.

Let me know more about your winter essentials in the comments.
See you soon,

"Hey it's winter, so let's make cute winter things."

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