The sun is finally out II Fashion & Thoughts

Hey I hope you've had a nice weekend and that you're ready for Monday. It's finally time for a new blogpost, this one is going to be a fashion post, but also some kind of a post about some thoughts I've had lately. I hope you're a as exited as I am.

Firstly, I want to tell you a little story:
A few days ago, the weather was really sunny and agreable in Luxembourg, so I decided to walk to school with my headphones on, my music was way to loud so I couldn't hear anything. As I walked through school, I looked in the faces of the others students, which walked by. It was still early, but I was able to see some happiness in their faces, most of the teenagers were talking to each other and seemed to be in a good mood. Some days later I did the same thing again, but on this day, the weather was really bad, it nearly rained the whole day, I noticed that most of the students looked tired and sad. This made me think about our happiness. Have you ever had that feeling that you're in a good mood because the wearther's nice? I think that the weather can influence really well our temper. Ok, I know this is nothing new, but you know what, this made me realize that January the first is totally the wrong day to make new resolutions. We should decide to change something whenever we're in a good mood, whenever the weather's good. What do you think? In my personal opinion spring is the perfect time to change something in our life. Let me know your opinion in the comments if you like.  I forgot to say that this is only my opinion, so you don't have to agree with me, of course you can also make new resolutions whenever you want or leave them aside and try to make the best out of everyday

As I mentioned before, I also want to give you some outfit inspiration to take along. So here we go, this outfit is very simple and casual, I think it's the perfect outfit for school or even for a shopping day. I also want to let you know that these pictures were taken in Mertert, a small town in Luxembourg. I hope you like it.

See you soon,

" What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy."

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