Best of March 2016 II Beauty & Lifestyle

Welcome back, today's blogpost is going to be some kind of a post about my most used beauty products last month and about my lifestyle favorites. Basically March was a very stressful month for me. But I think I've found some lovely things to show you today, so let's start with my beauty favorites.


Dove "Winterpflege" (winter care)
This shower gel is actually one of the best I've ever had, it smells amazing and it's very moisturizing. As I tend to have really dry skin I decided to test this shower gel, it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. If you're like me and you don't like to use body lotion afterwards, this shower gel is perfect for you.

BeneFit cosmetics they're real mascara
This mascara is one of my favorites, I've tested it over a long time now and I still love it. It makes my lashes look very voluminous and long.

Essie -> Nr. 88 licorice
I'm that kind of person who always needs to wear nail polish. I normally change the color of my nails every week, but this month I used nonstop this black color.

Manhattan lips2last -> 65N
Normally I don't like to wear dark lipstick, because I don't like to check every few minutes if my lipsticks is still at the right place. But this lipstick has convinced me, the manhattan lips2last lipstick lasts literally all day long. 


My highlights:
I only have 3 highlights this month, because I had to study a lot. But I decided to emphasize these anyway. Firstly I have the fact that I finally started my personal project (a little magic). I'd also like to thank some people for always being there for me and for always encouraging me to follow my dreams. My last highlight this month is a photo shooting I did with my mother.

My favorite book this month was certainly Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I'm going to write a whole review about this book very soon, so I'm not going to say much now. But this book is really recommendable.

Finally there's only one category left, so I decided to show you my two favorite songs this month. I really liked to listen to the band Bring Me The Horizon, especially to their song "hospital for souls" and also to the song "not an apology" from Bea Miller. You can also follow me on spotify (_mademoisellecoccinelle_) if you like. 

See you soon,

"magic is something you make"

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